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Beer Platinum

Designed for those looking for a bottling solution that goes from the empty bottle to the product ready for the market.

Beer Platinum is a compact bottling line designed to be used even by a single operator, with great flexibility in managing bottle changes, and is easy to update.


Beer Platinum è una linea completa che permette anche a una sola persona di seguire tutte le fasi del ciclo d’imbottigliamento, dalla bottiglia vuota fino al prodotto finito. Oltre ad assicurare un riempimento eccellente con ogni tipologia di fermentazione, i piattelli sul nastro trasportatore sono di facile e veloce sostituzione per i cambi formato. 

Unloading area
RIDC nozzles
Conveyor belt


Beer Platinum is a complete line that allows even a single person to follow all the stages of the bottling cycle, from the empty bottle to the finished product. In addition to ensuring excellent filling with any fermentation, the plates on the conveyor belt are easy and quick to replace for format changes.

These components cannot be removed (
Manual rinser, Automatic rinser, Truncated-conical labeler, AOX Isobaric Filling, Gravity filling, Crown capping

Plus functions

Quinti machines can be equipped with additional components and features that help make production more efficient and products even more exclusive.

Additional bottle format change
Manage additional bottle formats with a new set of conveyor belt plates.
Remote control
They allow you to manage the machine from a tablet or smartphone via the network connection present in the machine.
Industry 4.0
The machine comes equipped with technologies that allow it to dialogue with the customer's management systems.
Remote assistance
A technology that allows you to reach the machine remotely for assistance. With an annual fee after the first year of purchase.
HD LED light
HD LED light efficiently illuminates the filling and capping area with low consumption. Note: Installable during order only.
Remoted switch
The remoted switch offers the possibility of starting or stopping the machine cycle from the general electrical panel.

Techinical Specification

Machine weight

Approx. 1400 Kg.


Approx. 5200x1560x2250H


Air 450 l/min; Electricity 230V 50Hz 2.5 kW


Gravity 33cl up to 550b/h; Isobaric 33cl up to 450b/h

Bottle size

Width - Min 50 Max 110; Height - Min 210 Max 420; Collo - 17 minimal hole guarantee

Cap Types

Crown cap Ø 26; Crown cap  Ø 29


For filling and capping operations only. Bottling capacity could be influenced by several factors, such as product type, bottling temperature, bottle format, and so on.


The machines presented are fully equipped with isobaric filling. Weights, dimensions, and performances for the technical
aspects of the machine may vary according to the configuration chosen by the customer. The manufacturer reserves the right to
make changes to the product at any time and without notice.


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