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Used machines

Quinti quality assurance in a used machine

Are you looking for a solution that still allows you to get a good result?

Try Quinti's second hand!

Used machine , but overhauled by the Quinti team and fully functional, at an advantageous price.


Our solution are made to last over time:

this is why they continue to be reliable even after many years.

In this section you can see which used machines dedicated to beer we can offer.


Easy Line System Beer

Compact machine for gravity filling ad capping of beer, with thermal encapsulator.


Technical Specifications

Year                        2011

Weight                   Approx Kg. 450

Size                        Approx 2500x900x2300H

Consumption       Air 350 l/min;

                                Electricity 230 v 50 hz

Air Supply             Pneumatic 6 bar

Production            33 cl finoup to 550 b/h

Bottle Size             Width - Min 50 Max 110;

                                Heigth - Min 240 Max 370;

                                Collo - 17 minimal holl guarantee

Cap Types             Crown cap Ø 26;

                                Crown cap Ø 29

Filling                     Gravity


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