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The product does not lose quality during bottling thanks to the RIDC taps on the machine, designed for both light pressure and gravity filling.


Quinti machines are designed for bottling excellent wines produced by wineries that focus more on quality than quantity. As a result, the product in customers' hands will be faithful to its flavors and aromas.

All the wine machines designed by Quinti use internally developed RIDC taps that allow filling in the absence of oxygen. The air is replaced with an inert gas to avoid oxidation in the subsequent filling phase without intermediate steps.

Comparative Table

All Quinti machines are designed to adapt to the needs of wineries, with two different solutions that can be customized with additional functions and accessories.

These components cannot be removed (
Easy Line LittleWine Smart Wine GoldWine SilverWine Platinum
Light pressure filling
Gravity filling
Only one type of filling technology can be installed.
Natural Corking
Stelvin capping
Only one type of capping technology can be installed
Natural Corking Easy Little
Manual rinser
Automatic rinser
Only one type of rinsing machine can be installed
Truncated-conical labeler
Thermal encapsulator
Mechanical encapsulator
Only one type of encapsulator can be installed
Inkjet printer
Thermal printer
Only one type of printer can be installed.
Loading area
Unloading area
Vacuum corking System
Possible for straight corks only
Bottle Phasing system
table legend:
Not present
Not removable

Plus functions

Quinti machines can be equipped with additional components and features that help make production more efficient and products even more exclusive.

Gas injection system
This system allows inert gas injection into the bottle, which helps eliminate as much oxygen as possible.
P&P bottle transfer
A system picks up the bottles from the belt at the end of the line and places them where required.
Additional bottle format change
Manage additional bottle formats with a new set of conveyor belt plates.
Remote control
They allow you to manage the machine from a tablet or smartphone via the network connection present in the machine.
Industry 4.0
The machine comes equipped with technologies that allow it to dialogue with the customer's management systems.
Remote assistance
A technology that allows you to reach the machine remotely for assistance. With an annual fee after the first year of purchase.
HD LED light
HD LED light efficiently illuminates the filling and capping area with low consumption. Note: Installable during order only.
Remoted switch
The remoted switch offers the possibility of starting or stopping the machine cycle from the general electrical panel.
Gas insufflation system
This system allows inert gas injection into the bottle, which helps eliminate as much oxygen as possible. Note: can be installed before the filling column.
Vacuum corking system
Technology that allows vacuum corking by limiting pressure increases. This system is valuable when bottles are stored horizontally or subjected to thermal excursions. Note: For straight corks only.

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