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Easy Line Little

Semiautomatic corker for natural corks and synthetics

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Easy Line Little is a semiautomatic corker for natural corks and synthetics


Realised to satisfy the demand of a small production. The corking unit does not need lubrication as the contact parts are made of self lubricating material and works therefore “dry”. The absence of lubrication by means of grease or oil eliminates the related contamination. The cork jaws, which are made of polymers, guarantee a better sliding and absence of oxidation.


Easy Line Little is designed to ensure a good result with its basic functions included in the model. In addition it can be enriched with a plus function.

These components cannot be removed (
Natural Corking Easy Little

Plus functions

Quinti machines can be equipped with additional components and features that help make production more efficient and products even more exclusive.

Gas injection system
This system allows inert gas injection into the bottle, which helps eliminate as much oxygen as possible.

Technical specifications

Machine weight

Approx. 132 Kg.


Approx. 760x800x2050 H


Electricity 230V 50Hz 1.3 kW; maximum absorption 6A; Air 150 l/min

Up to 600 b/h
Bottle size

375 cl, 750 cl, 1500 cl

Cap Types

Natural corks and synthetics; Ø min 22 max 27 mm; Height min 35 max 50 mm;



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