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The capping technologies designed for Quinti machines ensure a peerless final bottling phase, with guaranteed results and a hands-off approach for the operator.


Quinti's machinery capping technologies use reliable feeders adapted to the specific type of cap, screws, and corks.

Reliable capping ensures bottles are ready for labeling without issues that can cost significant product alterations. The process is automated and controlled by sensors that warn operators in the event of rare out-of-phase corks and caps.

Natural Corking

The corks are stacked by an automatic hopper feeding system. The corker is equipped with an injection system, to which a vacuum system can be added as a plus function.

Compatible with:


The caps are stacked before capping via an automatic vibrating feeding system.

Compatible with:

Screw capping

The caps are oriented and aligned by means of an automatic feeding system. A special sensor informs the operator if the cap has been correctly inserted or if it is out of phase. It's easy to change the type of caps, for example, from screw cap to anti-refill; just replace the twist cap on the power supply and choose the desired type from the touchscreen thanks to Quinti TDIO (Two Done In One) technology.

Compatible with:

Stelvin capping

The caps are stacked before capping through an automatic vibrating feeding system and then positioned on the bottle via a box. The system can also signal the absence of caps in the feeder, so the operator can intervene without wasting time.

Compatible with:

Crown capping

The caps are oriented and aligned via an automatic feeding system. It offers great flexibility when changing from a crown cap 26 to a cap 29, replacing the terminal bend and the capping head.

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