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The encapsulation technologies of Quinti machines blend practicality and flexibility, guaranteeing an uncompromising result in the final stage of bottling.


Quinti offers professional bottle encapsulation designed to be flexible and performing, ready to be used for every size and type of caps and screws.

Encapsulation is a vital phase in the bottling process because it helps reach a spotless presentation of the bottle and ensures an unadulterated product for the end customer.

Thermal encapsulator

It is designed for shrink-heat capsules, and it includes the dispenser, a thermal closing head, and the capsule plateau. The temperature of the thermal head can be set from the touchscreen to ensure a constant and predictable shrinking. It is also possible to tune the thermal head residence time on bottlenecks for special capsules with metallic lettering.

Compatible with:

Mechanical encapsulator

Designed for polylaminate capsules, it includes the dispenser, a mechanical closing head, and the capsule plateau. 

Compatible with:

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