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The Quinti labeling technologies are designed for spotless packaging that reflects the quality and exclusivity of the produced bottles.


Attention to product presentation has become fundamental as a differentiating element from the competition. The labeling machines of Quinti are designed to offer finished products that are beautiful to look at and ready for sale.

The labeling functions in Quinti's machine are designed for every use case and labeling requirement. They are adaptable to different bottle formats, with the possibility of using both front/back and wrap-around self-adhesive labels.

Truncated-conical labeler

This one-headed automatic labeling machine with a single reel is designed to apply self-adhesive double-sided or wrap-around labels for cylindrical or truncated-conical bottles.

Compatible with:

Square labeler

A system that applies double-sided labels from two separate reels to multiple types and shapes of bottles. The plate that contains the bottle along the conveyor belt ensures that it is always in phase to be labeled for a consistent label positioning.

Compatible with:

Round Neck labeler

A machine that is designed for self-adhesive labels to be applied around the bottleneck.

Compatible with:

Vertical neck labeler

A labeler designed to attach self-adhesive labels vertically to the bottleneck.

Compatible with:

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