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Who we are

Quinti's goal is to help top-tier businesses to transform the bottling phase into a one-of-a-kind opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Quinti supplies machines are designed and built in Europe, in the heart of Italy, with technologies that help producers to manage even the most luxury bottlings with simplicity and flexibility. 

A Quinti machine is designed to solve production problems requiring quality before quantity.

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Innovation in precision mechanics

Strengthened by an entrepreneurial tradition born more than 180 years ago and a young, competent, and close-knit staff, we work alongside our partners with punctuality and speed to ensure the best results.

Filling technologies

The filling technologies of Quinti machines are designed to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the product unaltered, ensuring an excellent bottling experience.


Quinti is more than a bottling machine producer; we are a technological partner that supports and helps companies offer the best products to their customers. 

Purchasing consultancy

Our team works to find the best possible solution for your practical use case, recommending the most appropriate machine for the actual production needs of the business.

Installation and training

A staff of qualified technicians installs the machine after purchase. Your company's operators are then trained to use it safely and efficiently.

After Sales

Quinti supports and helps your business after installation to ensure that the machine meets your expectations, providing a dedicated person always at your beck and call.